Friday, May 21, 2004

Personal Journal Entry: Volume 15 (May 21, 1987)

Columbus, Ohio (1 am)
The Day Paul David Parker (Grandson) was born.

On the couch at Kim and Paul's with "Dixie," the cat. Danielle Parker in her bedroom now asleep. Kim and Paul are at Riverside Hospital, when she left her labor pains were 15 minutes apart.

Steamy hot day today, in high 80s, in early to the office again. My photographic communications class met today for first time in newly remodeled room 306 (Hasket Hall, OSU). I showed student video "Battleground OSU" about anti-war demonstrations on campus, Spring of 1970.

Early in the evening nine students from my class joined me at Mershon Auditorium to hear Senator John Tower talk about his "Tower Commission" report on the Iran-Contra investigation. His response to a concerned student was that if people suffer under a right wing government's persecutions, you can imagine how much more they'd suffer under the Soviets.

Returned home to receive call from Kim asking me to come over to stay with Dani while they went to hospital. Dani was very apprhensive when they left because she said: "Mommie was crying." Told her that her Mom would have some pain, like she did when she went to the dentist, but that she'd soon be O.K. Somewhat satisfied she took her bottle and blanket and went into bed, as I watched ABC's Nightline on "The Stark Incident," the story of the U.S. ship that was sunk accidentally by Iraq.

Several hours later Danielle had a new baby brother, Paul David Parker.