Wednesday, December 08, 2004

WCBE 90.5 FM: "It's Movie Time" Archives #1 - #80 (Titles Only)

Audition: Girl on the Bridge, Dancer in the Dark, Almost Famous

WCBE#1 You Can Count On Me, Two Family House
WCBE#2 Chocolat, Before Night Falls
WCBE#3 Pollock, The Mystery of Picasso, Breakfast at Tiffanys
WCBE#4 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; In the Mood for Love, Atlantic City
WCBE#5 Best Actress & Supporting Actress/Best Film: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
WCBE#6 House of Mirth, The Widow of St. Pierre, Ben Hur
WCBE#7 DeSando, Starker
WCBE#8 Momento, Amores Perros, Bridget Jones's Diary
WCBE#9 Suzhou River, One Night at McKools, Stagecoach
WCBE#10 The Tailor of Panama, Boy's Life3
WCBE#11 Faithless, The Golden Bowl
WCBE#12 Girl on the Bridge, Dancer in the Dark, The Magnificent Seven
WCBE#13 Panic, All the Pretty Horses, Bus Stop
WCBE#14 Pearl Harbor, Moulin Rouge, The Misfits
WCBE#15 With a Friend Like Harry, Evolution, Shrek
WCBE#16 startup.Com; Swordfish; Gas, Food, Lodging
WCBE#17 Atlantis; The Pledge; O Brother, Where Art Thou?
WCBE#18 Artificial Intelligence, Anniversary Party
WCBE#19 Sexy Beast, Crazy/Beautiful, Shackelton's Antarctic Adventure
WCBE#20 Baby Boy, Wind in the Willows, Scary Movie 2, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (Melissa Starker, Clay Lowe)
WCBE#21 Legally Blonde, The Score, Chunhyang, Spring Forward
WCBE#22 The Dish, Mad Lab Film Festival: Solve for X, America's Sweethearts, Jurassic Park, The Closet
WCBE#23 Planet of the Apes, Billy Liar, Made
WCBE#24 Rush Hour 2, Bride of the Wind
WCBE#25 Nico and Dani; The Luzhin Defence; Smell of Camphor, Fragrance of Jasmine
WCBE#26 Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Brother, The Deep End, The Road Home (Johnny DiLoretto, Clay Lowe)
WCBE#27 The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Ghost World, American Rhapsody
WCBE#28 John DeSando, Melissa Starker
WCBE#29 John DeSando, Johnny DiLoretto
WCBE#30 Je Rentre a la Maison, Hearts in Atlantis (Toronto Film Festival)
WCBE#31 Under the Sand, Songcatcher, Divided We Fall
WCBE#32 Big Eden, Apocalypse Now Redux, Training Day
WCBE#33 Mulholland Drive, Bread and Tulips, East of Eden
WCBE#34 Riding in Cars With Boys, My First Mister, From Hell, Shadow of a Doubt
WCBE#35 Monsters, Inc., Vertical Ray of the Sun, Domestic Disturbance, Bad Day at Black Rock
WCBE#36 Focus, Waking Life, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Bad and the Beautiful
WCBE#37 Novocaine, Heist, Amalie, Five Easy Pieces
WCBE#38 Harry Potter, Spy Games, Sidewalks of New York, LA Story
WCBE#39 Ocean's 11, Behind Enemy Lines, Himalaya, Get Shorty
WCBE#40 Together, Kate and Leopold, The Wide Blue Road, Lord of the Rings
WCBE#41 Ali, Vanilla Sky, The Majestic
WCBE#42 In the Bedroom, The Affair of the Necklace, A Beautiful Mind
WCBE#43 Wes Anderson: Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenebaums
WCBE#44 Gosford Park, Orange County, Black Hawk Down, The Blue Angel
WCBE#45 Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Hawks and the Sparrows, I Am Sam, The Shipping News
WCBE#46 Birthday Girl, Charlotte Gray, Henry & June, The Mothman Prophecies
WCBE#47 Innocence, Slackers, No Man's Land, Collateral Damage, Foreign Correspondent
WCBE#48 Monster's Ball, John Q, The Third Man, Donnie Darko, Guy Maddin at Wex
WCBE#49 Kandahar, Italian for Beginners, The Films of Ichikawa, Funny Face
WCBE#50 Storytelling, Iris, Las Tango in Paris
WCBE#51 We Were Soldiers, Lantana, Tempest
WCBE#52 Scotland, Pa., Harrison's Flower, The Asphalt Jungle, The The Turandot Project
WCBE#53 Diamond Men, The Business of Strangers, Clay & John's Oscar picks (2002)
WCBE#54 Panic Room, Monsoon Wedding, Kissing Jessica Stein
WCBE#55 Metropolis, The Son's Room, High Crimes
WCBE#56 Y tu mammá también, Frailty, Big Trouble, The Sweetest Thing
WCBE#57 Murder by Numbers, The Scorpion King, La Ciénaga, Proof
WCBE#58 The Cat's Meow, Crush, Changing Lanes, All the Vermeers in New York
WCBE#59 Hollywood Ending, What Time is it There?, Dark Blue World, Basquiat (Johnny DiLoretto, Clay Lowe)
WCBE#60 Spider-Man, Star Wars: Episode 2- Attack of the Clones, The Triumph of Love, Surviving Picasso, Unfaithful
WCBE#61 About a Boy, Time Out, African Film Festival (Wex), Islands in the Stream
WCBE#62 Happy Accidents, Insomnia, Camille Claudel
WCBE#63 The Sum of All Fears, The Importance of Being Earnest, Undercover Brother (With special guest: Michael Randolph)
WCBE#64 Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, Bad Company, Enigma, Big Fat GreekWedding
WCBE#65 Windtalkers Bourne Identity, Scooby Doo (With special guest: Dan Mushalko)
WCBE#66 Minority Report, Lola (Wex), Bay of Angels
WCBE#67 Mr. Deeds, Band of Outsiders (Wex), The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys
WCBE#68 Like Mike, Men in Black II, The Powerpuff Girls Movie, Cherish (With special guest: Dan Mushalko)
WCBE#69 Road to Perdition, Fat Girl, Reign of Fire
WCBE#70 K-19: The Widowmaker, The Emperor's New Clothes, Cherry Orchard
WCBE#71 Austin Powers in: Goldmember, Tron, Nine Queens, The Piano Teacher (Wex)
WCBE#72 Full Frontal, Signs, Lovely and Amazing
WCBE#73 Spy Kids 2, 13 Conversations About One Thing, Blood Work, Triple X
WCBE#74 Blue Crush, Tadpole, Songs From the Second Floor
WCBE#75 The Good Girl, Simone, Serving Sara
WCBE#76 The Fast Runner, Toronto Film Festival Tease: Antwone Fisher, Frida, Assassination Tango, City of Ghosts
WCBE#77 Mid-Year Stinkos (Melissa Starker: Ya-Ya, Johnny: Perdition, John DeSando: ?)
WCBE#78 Dan Mushalko, Michael A.J. Randolph
WCBE#79 The Kid Stays in the Picture, Four Feathers
WCBE#80 Rules of Attraction; The Tuxedo; Sweet Home, Alabama; Sunshine State