Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Books, My Life: Marginal Notes & Underlines From Poetry Books (S-Z)

Salter, Mary Jo
Sunday Skaters (1994)
Bought: Half Price Books - Bethel Road (November 28, 2000)
Began: 1 am, November 29, 2000 (Walhalla bedroom)
Finished: 10:35 pm, December 10, 2000 (Walhalla)
A week’s gone by that’s taken “Ripley” from the earth and Kim into a separate apartment from Paul - ckl

“The most inalienable right of man
is to go to hell in his own way . . .”
- Mary Jo Salter, Frost at Midnight

“Your days that spun unnumbered through their arc
from now on make their mark.”
- Mary Jo Salter, Lines Written on Your Face

With warts, lumps, brown spots, sores, empty space between your teeth, eyes weakened, ears given out, you doze in movies and classrooms - your longest sleep yet ahead - ckl

Sandburg, Carl
Harvest Poems 1910-1960
Bought: June 8, 1979

Sandy, Stephen
Man in the Open Air (1988)
Bought: Half Price Books - Bethel Road, Cols., Ohio (February 6, 1995)
Began: 10 pm, February 6, 1995 (Walhalla bedroom)
5 degrees or so - ckl

Santos, Sherod
The City of Women (1993)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (October 25, 1999)

Sexton, Anne
All My Pretty Ones (1961)
Bought: January 10, 1973
One of several copies I’ve had - ckl

Sexton, Anne
The Awful Rowing Toward God (1975)
Bought: March 17, 1975
Began: March 19, 1975

Shakespeare, William
The Sonnets (1609)
Bought: Salvation Army Bookstore (March 30, 1981)

Great Sonnets (Edited by Paul Negri)
Bought: Village Bookstore - Linworth, Ohio (January 21, 1998)

Stafford, William
Stories That Could Be True: New and Collected Poems (1977)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (March 7, 1995)
Began: August 19, 1999 (Walhalla living room)
Raining -Theresa here - CKL

Stevens, Wallace
Poems (1947)
Bought: One (June 6, 1981)
Began: July 6, 1983

Swenson, Karen
A Sense of Direction (1989)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (April 20, 1998)
Began: 11:25 pm, April 20, 1998 (Walhalla bedroom)

Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Idylls of the King and a Selection of Poems (1961)
Bought: No place, No date

Tennyson, Alfred Lord
Locksley Hall
Bought: November 29, 1979

Tennyson, Alfred Lord
The Poetical Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson (1897/1900)
Bought: St. Stephens Bookstore - Columbus, Ohio (March 12, 1980)

Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Collected Sonnets (1959/1960)
Bought: Salvation Army Bookstore - Washington, D. C. (June 17, 1981)
Began: June 14, 1992 (Tobermory, Ontario, Canada)
Finish: June 17, 1992 (Cottage #2 - Tobermory)
Warm, gusty winds from front bedroom window of Cottage #2 - ckl

Thomas, Dylan
Collected Poems ( 1957)
Bought: Gift from Neil & Eddie (December 18, 1972)
Second time began: July 14, 1989 (Tobermory)

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”
- Dylan Thomas, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

“Oh as I was young and easy in the mercy of his means,
Time held me green and dying
Though I sang in my chains like the sea.”
- Dylan Thomas, Fern Hill

Thomas, Dylan
Under Milk Wood: A Play for Voices (1954)
Bought: Beo’s - Wellington, New Zealand (May 20, 2000)
Began: 7 pm, May 20, 2000 (St. James Theatre - Wellington, NZ)
Waiting for Ballet’s presentation of “Dracula,” this copy of book one of many previous copies - ckl

Thomas, Edward (1878-1917)
The Works of Edward Thomas (1994)
Bought: Half Price Books - Bethel Road, Columbus (February 22, 1997)
Began: March 1, 1997 (Walhalla)

“Open you eyes to the air
That has washed the eyes of the stars
Through all the dewy night:
Up with the light . . . “
- Edward Thomas, The Trumpet

Unamuno, Miguel de
The Last Poems of Miguel de Unamuno (1974)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (September 16, 1996)
Began: 4:30 pm, September 16, 1996 (Walhalla)
Walhalla living room couch by window - rainy late afternoon - ckl

“Dante’s journey home is also Unamuno’s, with the sole difference that the modern poet has no other Vergil as guide than his own wavering between faith and despair, darkness and light.”
- Edita Mas-Lopez, Introduction

Updike, John
Collected Poems 1953-1993
Bought: Little Professor Bookstore - Lane Avenue, Cols. (June 17, 1993)
Began: Preface - 11 am, July 7, 1993 (Cottage #64 - Tobermory)
Cool breeze - ckl

Updike, John
Facing Nature (1985)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (July 16, 1997)
Began: July 16, 1997 (Walhalla)

Valéry, Paul
Selected Writings (1950)
Bought: November 15, 1993

Villon, François
The Poems of François Villon (1965)
Bought: Salvation Army Bookstore - Columbus (December 21, 1979)

Walker, Alice
Good Night, Willie Lee, I’ll See You in the Morning (1975)
Bought: Half Price Bookstore - Bethel Road, Cols. (January 4, 2000)
Began: 7 am, March 20, 2000 (Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada)

“’Oh, he was a quiet man,’ they told the romantic young girl, ‘and he loved women not just to lie with but he would stand up with them when no one else would. A quiet young man. A woman could speak in his company. A man could touch his shoulder with his hand and call out his own heart for review.”
- Alice Walker, Introduction

Wakoski, Diane
Greed: Parts 8, 9, 11 (1973)
Bought: No place, No date
Began: July 10, 1989 (Tobermory)
My 43rd birthday, read parts of this at Cinda’s son Michael’s memorial service in Grove City - ckl

Wakoski, Diane
Inside the Blood Factory: New Poems (1968)
Bought: Public Library - Endicott, New York (May 21, 1999)

Wakoski, Diana
The Motorcycle Betrayal Poems (1971)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (January 13, 1995)

Wakoski, Diane
Virtuoso literature for two and four hands (1975)
Bought: No Place listed (June 22, 1975)
Began: 4:30 pm, June 22, 1975

Wakoski, Diane
The Man Who Shook Hands (1978)
Bought: Village Bookstore - Linworth, Ohio (August 6, 1983)
Began: August 25, 1991 (Tobermory, Ontario, Canada)
Finish: August 27, 1991 (Tobermory)
Cottage on couch mid-day as the wind makes rushing sounds as it sweeps across the by - ckl

Wakoski, Diane
Trilogy (1974)
Bought: George F. Johnson Memorial Library - Endicott
Began: May 26, 1999

Wakoski, Diana
Waiting For the King of Spain (1976)
Bought: My Back Pages - High Street - Columbus (April 27, 1977)

Warren, Robert Penn
Audubon: A Vision
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (May 16, 1994)

Warren, Robert Penn
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce: A Poem (1983)
Bought: Columbus Metro Library (May 24, 1994)

Whitman, Walt
Complete Poetry and Selected Prose (1959)
Bought: March 17, 1975
Began: Dark - March 18, 1975 (Camping at Natchez Trace, Tennessee)
Many passages read aloud during trip out West to Big Sur and back to the Farm House in Columbus - ckl

Wilbur, Richard
The Poems of Richard Wilbur (1965)
Bought: Half Price Books - Bethel Road, Columbus (January 22, 1995)

Williams, William Carlos
Pictures from Brueghel and Other Poems (1962)
Bought: St. Stephens Bookstore - Columbus (May 2, 1979)
Began: 2 pm, May 14, 1979 (Tobermory, Ontario)
Again on a sleeping bag on the grass by cottage #64 in the wind - ckl

Wordsworth, William
Favorite Poems (1992)
Bought: Village Bookstore - Linworth, Ohio (January 21, 1998)

“Therefore let the moon
shine on thee in they solitary walk;
And let the misty mountain-winds be free
To blow against thee: and, in after years,
When these wild ecstasies shall be matured
Into a sober pleasure; when thy mind
Shall be a mansion for all lovely forms,
Thy memory be as a dwelling-place
For all sweet sounds and harmonies; oh! then,
If solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief,
Should be thy portion, with what healing thoughts
Of tender joy wilt thou remember me . . . . “
- William Wordsworth, Lines
Composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey, on revisiting the banks of the Wye during a tour, July 13, 1798

Wright, James
Saint Judas (1959)
Bought: Columbus, Ohio (August 21, 1973)
Began: 10:30 pm, December 2, 1981 (Walhalla)
Finish: 11 pm, December 2, 1981 (Walhalla)
In bed with Muffy cradled under my left arm - ckl

Yeats, William Butler
Selected Poems and Two Plays
Bought: Salvation Army Bookstore - Columbus (June 11, 1980)

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
Bratsk Station and other new poems
Bought: Student Book Exchange - Columbus (November 22, 1978)

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny
From Desire to Desire (1976)
Bought: Columbus Metropolitan Bookstore (November 17, 1999)
Began: 11:15 pm, November 17, 1999 (Walhalla)