Saturday, May 22, 2004

Peace Is Impossible (Or So It Seems): Christopher Bierre

"Peace is Impossible" by Chris Bierre
Son of Kevin and Lisa Sponable Bierre (Age 17)

Peace is impossible
No matter what they say
It can’t happen any day
We can try
But our efforts come up dry
Something happens that makes a war
And everyone wonders what we are fighting for

Even if we attain peace
Soon it will cease
Millions will die
In this chaotic fry
So why do we fight
From day to night
We search for weapons
But we found nothing
So then what happens?

What happens is war
The dying screaming in the fields
But neither side will yield
Neither side will give an inch of ground
The dead can’t make a sound
It all ends up the same way
Every single day
An American loses his life
By getting stabbed with a knife
But the media makes a big deal
By getting anger to people so they feel
But tens of thousands of miles away
Millions get slaughtered but no one cares to say

Why do they do these things?
Why do we do nothing?
It’s just not outside the U.S.
The political system is in distress
Two sides fight
Day and night
They say that we are equal, those snots
But we are really not
The rich own this country
The common man never owned this century

9/11 happened
Political parties cast the blame
What a shame
Why can't you fix it up instead?
Why can’t you stop the rising costs of meds?
Even though they say they try
It all comes up dry
Peace is impossible