Wednesday, May 26, 2004

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It's Movie Time with John DeSando & Clay Lowe
"The Day After Tomorrow," "Super Size Me," "Mean Girls"
Tape: 4 pm, May 26, 2004
Aired: 3:01 pm and 8:01 pm. May 28, 2004

"The Day After Tomorrow" is all frosting and no cake . . .

"Super Size Me" is a fast-food snuff film . . .

"Mean Girls" will tickle you pink but it won't make you think . . .


It's Movie Time in Mid-Ohio with John DeSando and Clay Lowe . . .


I'm John DeSando.

And I'm Clay Lowe.

John ("The Day After Tomorrow")
'Till Hell freezes over? Well, some people say New York City is hell, so it's fitting that Roland Emmerich's ("Independence Day") "Day After Tomorrow" features the freezing of NYC, and the whole northern hemisphere for that matter, as a result of global warming.

This summer's disaster movie begins with an absurd premise about an instantaneous warming that leads to freezing in our lifetime and ends with the not absurd warnings about our planetary abuse of resources and the reliance we will eventually have on those third world nations we so subtly patronize.

I loved te opening helicopter shots of Antarctica, the CGI of frozen New York, and the overall warming warning. However, "Poseidon Adventure" is the director's favorite disaster flick; there is something universal and memorable there that is not present in "Day After Tomorrow." In fact, if you go to "Meteor," "Sudden Impact," or "The Core," you'll also find the disaster formula disappointingly presented.

Yet, I enjoyed the 2 hours. Go figure! It's summertime!

Clay ("The Day After Tomorrow")
John, director Roland Emmerich continues to prove he has a better eye for the visual than he does for a script.

You will TRULY never forget the images of our frozen planet as viewed from outer space. Nor will you forget the images of the tornado-filled skies wrecking down havoc on L.A.. And you will ESPECIALLY remember that rather mournful image of the Statue of Liberty deep-coated in blue-ish green ice. You're right, John, the special effects couldn�t be any better, so why SHOULD we expect anything more from a summertime flick? It�s a win-win situation.

Disaster movie fans will NOT be disappointed, environmentalists will cheer when the Vice-President admits he was wrong about global warming, and �Lord of the Ring� fans will be delighted when they discover that Ian Holm�s, of Bilbo fame, plays a role in the cast

So park your SUV's, folks, turn down your air conditioners, and be sure to vote Green., because this is one movie that shouldn�t have a sequel.

John ("Super Size Me")
The most disgusting movie of the year is "Super Size Me" because overindulging in fast food is inherently disgusting, and watching Morgan Spurlock do just that for 96 minutes is equally so. Spurlock spent a month eating McDonald's for three squares a day with unsurprising results.

More than proving the danger to the liver and sex life, eating this much fast food shows once again that overdoing anything is usually detrimental to some part of a life.

What good is it to endanger your liver and your lover? The corporation discontinued the super-sized menus after the release of the documentary; this is a good thing. What is not good, however, is that Spurlock is the center of all activity, and he is not super sized like Michael Moore to carry it off.

This review is downsized in honor of all those Americans whose
weight will fall and health rise because of "Super Size Me."

Clay ("Mean Girls")
John, "Super Size Me" may help some people cut back on their Big Macs, but "Mean Girls" will never keep high school girls from being shallow, plastic and nasty. Why? Because real girls just want to shop, look pretty, and have nothing but fun. At least that�s what you�ll think after seeing this movie.

Sure it's too bad the movie�s three �plastics�: Regina, Gretchen, and Karen have set their sights on Cady, the NEW girl in school. And sure, it's too bad when Cady falls for their ploy hook, line, and sinker. And sure it�s even worse when Cady�s real friends get thrown to the trash. But, cheer up folks, that's the way it is in the halls of the high schools in snooty-town America.

Tina Fey's script is insightful, fast-paced, and clever, but it's more descriptive of the way things ARE, rather than prescriptive about the way things MIGHT be.

But put away your winter blues, it's grading time.



"The Day After Tomorrow" earns a "B" because it IS a "B" movie . . .. . .

"The Day After Tomorrow" gets a "B" because burning books is
bad even to keep from freezing . . .

"Super Size Me" earns a "B" for BEATING the fat merchants . . .

"Mean Girls" gets a "B" because Queen Bee's were born to be bad. . .

Clay, How could you have a video copy of "Super Size Me" in your library already, or was that another film? I'm outta here.

John, that wasn't a video cassette, it was an empty Big Mac container.

I'm so ashamed, I'm outta here too. See you a the movies, folks.



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